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Our Faux and Glaze Finishing service is a technique that replicates the appearance of marble, wood or any desired texture on your walls. Enhancing your interiors with depth and elegance inexpensively.
  • Faux and Glaze Finishing for Paint Tech Painting and Decorating in Big Sur, CA
  • Faux and Glaze Finishing for Paint Tech Painting and Decorating in Big Sur, CA

Are you tired of the same old boring walls in your home or office? Do you want to create a unique and eye-catching look that will leave your guests impressed?

If so, then booking a Faux and Glaze Finishing service may be just what you need. This specialized technique involves using glazes and other materials to create an artistic appearance on walls or furniture.

By choosing this type of service, you will be able to add depth and texture to any living space. Whether you want rusted metal, antique leather, or even the look of wood grain, the possibilities are endless.

Not only does Faux and Glaze Finishing bring aesthetic value to your property but it also improves on its functionality. This professional finish is resistant to peeling, cracking, and chipping while providing easy cleaning maintenance.

With these services, accommodating different styles/budgets becomes easier as there are options for every preference with regards selection of glazes colors/tones which can be adjusted according to client’s requests.

So why not give it a try today? You won't regret bringing life into any area for an amazing transformation!


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